Mental Health Coaching Service in Palm Springs, CA

Your mental health is a fragile thing. You need to consciously care for it and strive to be your best self so that you maintain a positive outlook on life. However, most people, if not everyone, could use some help with their mental health. That’s where I come in. I’m Donna Burstyn, and I offer my mental health coaching service in Palm Springs, CA, for those who want to live their best life.

What Is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health coaching is an amazing mix of psychology and life coaching. To put it simply, I’ll work with you personally to help you discover, resolve, and move past issues in your past. After that, I’ll guide you in moving toward future goals and accomplishments. My only goal is to help you live a life of joy and confidence.

Toxic events in your past, addictions, or bad mental situations, such as depression, anxiety, or grief, can and will hold you back. When you work with me, we’ll work together to bring the source of these mental health problems to light so that you can cut them off from you. Once those negative feelings have lost their hold, you have the power to envision a new life for yourself.

My life coaching specialties include moving past chronic pain conditions, overcoming major life transitions, and assisting with personal growth, but mental health coaching can benefit any mental health problem you may face.

Why Trust Donna Burstyn?

I have many years of experience in mental health fields, including 24 years working as a psychotherapist and eight years working as a life coach. When you call me, you get one-on-one time with me, not a random assistant, because I value my personalized time with each of my clients. Plus, I can offer phone visits and video calls, if you’re more comfortable with those.

Let me help you achieve your goals and live your best life. Email me today at to set up your appointment.