“What would you do if you know you could never fail?” -Oprah

Charts and Lists are wonderful tools for clarity. Let’s create some together. Examples:

Goals, Fears, Barriers Breakthroughs

Now let’s look at your limited thinking. This thinking is often created from old tapes, experiences and self doubt. “Meditation or Medication”. Meditation also clears the mind of useless noise.

Visualization. Create your dream world

Spirituality. I have always found that when partnering with the divine (a power of your own understanding), life is a lot more fulfilling and humbling

we are going to challenge your thinking! you are moving forward.......

More Tools

Keep a daily GRATITUDE list. GRATITUDE melts fear and resentment. Invite others that would like to join the list. Every participant will enlighten the next. I love this tool.

Prayer, silently or aloud, with words, melodies or beats that help you feel a closeness to the All Mighty. You may want to create the same space in your home or in nature. Allow all thoughts and feelings to show themselves. Embrace them. (I welcome sharing about this).

Create the suggestion in your life to be about love and kindness. Be humble. Care a lot. Spread joy.


“Possibility is only limited by our ability to imagine”. Create 1 week, 3 month, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 year goals.

Think Big

Remember to get a cheering squad
*Donna wants to write a short story Another example:

*To Create a Healthier Lifestyle
*To Treat an Addiction
*To Create Greater Mindfulness

Now set a time line and priorities (this we will do together) Purchase a large calendar or make one (even more commitment )and post-its.

This Dream is yours to grab